minecraft but its IMPOSSIBLE to DIE (Troll)

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today we play minecraft but I troll blaza and tbhhonest but it is impossible to die made by McMakistein!

original www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8-Py...


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RylieGamerTV Tund tagasi
Tbh it breaks the obsidian I'm sad Me B R U H
game on 1o1
game on 1o1 Tund tagasi
game on 1o1
game on 1o1 Tund tagasi
He does not noticed that there is the most rarest build that he has seen
Akbarjon Abdurakhmomov
Akbarjon Abdurakhmomov 2 tundi tagasi
Bruh just put a block on your head when your underwater so that u can drown
Elvis Perez
Elvis Perez 3 tundi tagasi
When blaz says babe he met bay bee
Lazar Babic
Lazar Babic 5 tundi tagasi
0:44 i want..., i want milk
Baby rowlet
Baby rowlet 6 tundi tagasi
*2:51** why did there come hearts😳…..*
Kathryn benson
Kathryn benson 7 tundi tagasi
Don't baby proof your house baby proof your baby
Jaxon Cooper
Jaxon Cooper 12 tundi tagasi
In the thumb nail socks just be vibeing
SuS 15 tundi tagasi
Sad iron golem:( lol
John Cedric Panis
John Cedric Panis 15 tundi tagasi
The End void
Heli Rissanen
Heli Rissanen 18 tundi tagasi
Nagito, this you?
Jahni Meannu
Jahni Meannu 18 tundi tagasi
Hey guys hit me baby one more time
Rowdy Randle
Rowdy Randle 18 tundi tagasi
What about /kill
FrostSparkKing Päev tagasi
Blaza jumped in lava Blava
VNMX Päev tagasi
Try respawn anchor in the overworld.
Cloudy Star Sky
Cloudy Star Sky Päev tagasi
Imagine speedrunning life but god doesn't want you to beat your record of 0:69
hessa Saud
hessa Saud Päev tagasi
Laltha Kima
Laltha Kima Päev tagasi
I did it
Kurbaha HASAN
Kurbaha HASAN Päev tagasi
Socks:sees an woodland mansion acting pretty calm Me: do socks know what the changes on that!?!?!?
alex lam
alex lam Päev tagasi
Socks did you know that minecraft is adding city and mtr trains
Lil Dev
Lil Dev Päev tagasi
they look like speedrunning lol
Callum Williams
Callum Williams Päev tagasi
TBH took damage! you can see it for a second when he is trying the ender pearl!
Callum Williams
Callum Williams 4 tundi tagasi
@AaronYT did you think about him doing it again?
BRUH 16 tundi tagasi
@Jireh Leo Titong You don't have to be mean about it
Minigunner 19 tundi tagasi
@Jireh Leo Titong u too can have those mistakes and u get sad if u get laughed like that
AaronYT Päev tagasi
Yeah but the video is about DYING not taking damage
Caden Päev tagasi
@ILikeGames that’s what he is
e f e
e f e Päev tagasi
blaze and tbh are dumb just jump into the void
~bacon_GirlXx 2 päeva tagasi
The world has beome baby mode
jeb 2 päeva tagasi
sock for 1 the poop man
banana 2 päeva tagasi
Dude just /kill
7HD 2 päeva tagasi
You have to entity cramp
Lambo 2 päeva tagasi
I like ur face when laughing🤭
Hootoomick 2 päeva tagasi
Me wating for blaza to jump off (*-*)
ratan saha
ratan saha 2 päeva tagasi
By also a command
Electric Pepperoni
Electric Pepperoni 2 päeva tagasi
Me an intuectual: /kill
Sonny Dai
Sonny Dai 2 päeva tagasi
You can do the void
Solyana Negash
Solyana Negash 2 päeva tagasi
Let the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all amen. Revelations 22 21
Novak K
Novak K 2 päeva tagasi
Idea use blocks to trap your self and drown💀
Sarabgun 2 päeva tagasi
you could off tried falling off the void in the end
raahim Habib
raahim Habib 2 päeva tagasi
0:57 socks takes damage from blaz a hitting him
raahim Habib
raahim Habib 2 päeva tagasi
@ATG XxJust.A.SoulxX ohhhhhhh
ATG XxJust.A.SoulxX
ATG XxJust.A.SoulxX 2 päeva tagasi
he said impossible to DIE. Not impossible to take damage
Kalai Vani
Kalai Vani 3 päeva tagasi
Blaza: swimming in lava Me:I know he was going to swimming in the lava
Mark wilmhar Llanes
Mark wilmhar Llanes 3 päeva tagasi
blaza and tbh are so stupid and dumb if blaza had blazes rod and tbh have ender pearl they go to end go to void
carolina folque
carolina folque 3 päeva tagasi
How about elytra
gaming with oisin
gaming with oisin 3 päeva tagasi
Why did you not fall into the void
derek 3 päeva tagasi
What about wolf can kill you?
Enzo Garcia Petraglia
Enzo Garcia Petraglia 3 päeva tagasi
Florida Ivy
Florida Ivy 3 päeva tagasi
Socksfor1:*punch iron golem* iron golem: :(
Nathan Borasca
Nathan Borasca 3 päeva tagasi
u can olso put 100 off vilagerrs in 2 block deeep hole and jump on the hole u get squished to much
cyber gaming
cyber gaming 3 päeva tagasi
Hold up... They forgot to try to fall into the void
FARIS SENIC 3 päeva tagasi
What about the void
Yanira Rodríguez Portez
Yanira Rodríguez Portez 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine wanting to die in a game -this post was commented by the living gamers gang
BaileyAnn LEWIS
BaileyAnn LEWIS 3 päeva tagasi
Disgraceful 3 päeva tagasi
Alternative title: three dudes desperate to commit suicide in minecraft
Sam Green
Sam Green 3 päeva tagasi
All I need to say from this is Pog ;3
Aaron H
Aaron H 3 päeva tagasi
Haha blaza is a baby
Elijah Carranza
Elijah Carranza 3 päeva tagasi
Wait no 5:44
Elijah Carranza
Elijah Carranza 3 päeva tagasi
Lol TBH said 5:38 to 5:40 dragon deez nuts cross your face
Von'kenneth Hudson
Von'kenneth Hudson 3 päeva tagasi
Nice floaties dude
O.R. Channel
O.R. Channel 3 päeva tagasi
How can I get this mod!? I need it!
Soro12k 4 päeva tagasi
Just go under a water a put a block over your head
CjplayzYT 4 päeva tagasi
His name is mc macinstine
Matti LE
Matti LE 4 päeva tagasi
The chance of socks finding a woodland mansion is pretty low i would say...
Mohammed Emad Haddad
Mohammed Emad Haddad 4 päeva tagasi
The iron golem won cuz he was first to die
nikos gkiounter
nikos gkiounter 4 päeva tagasi
mio ho dia
Blue Beast
Blue Beast 4 päeva tagasi
i tought that entity cramping was the way to win socks not some crazy item
GALEN IOAN MADARANG 4 päeva tagasi
Glitchinator 4 päeva tagasi
Blaze just should have jumped in the void in the end
JASON WONG 4 päeva tagasi
Then what about /kill or voiding?
E7JI6 sksnes
E7JI6 sksnes 4 päeva tagasi
Bruh you find the woodland mansion
LaKesha Autry
LaKesha Autry 4 päeva tagasi
my god socks
Claire Jubail
Claire Jubail 4 päeva tagasi
Wait is that my name? Claire? WHY THE F*CK DID YOU ADD THIS MOD WITH MY NAME ON IT!
Ainun Imani Djogda
Ainun Imani Djogda 4 päeva tagasi
Doomfox 4 päeva tagasi
Tbh and Blaza: * don’t jump into the void * Me: *my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*
Altair the TechnoPIG
Altair the TechnoPIG 4 päeva tagasi
Have they tried going to the void?
·Autumn Light's·
·Autumn Light's· 4 päeva tagasi
He's face at the end when he said "LET'S GOOOOO" lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brinsley Walden
Brinsley Walden 4 päeva tagasi
Blaza and Tbh could jump in the void
Ealana Archer
Ealana Archer 4 päeva tagasi
Thank you I needed this I keep falling off my buildings every time when I tried to build in survival when I have enough tools thank God this is saved my life video after video after video I have a trying to find just a solution to stop falling off my freaking Minecraft building because everything the time I fall off I lose all my items when have to start over and it’s so hard to get everything back that I rightfully earned before but then once I tried to build my mansion in survival it always goes wrong then I have to go into creative and then I just have to you know the point I’ll stop talking :( but U get the point what I’m trying to say is thanks for this awesome mod 😇😇😇😇😇😇👍👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰And also I love your videos
Electric Pepperoni
Electric Pepperoni 2 päeva tagasi
have you every heard of something called keep inventory
Darth sideous
Darth sideous 5 päeva tagasi
8:41 is really funni I laughed for 39 seconds
Darth sideous
Darth sideous 5 päeva tagasi
This whole vid is funni
Dedo Blox
Dedo Blox 5 päeva tagasi
Nadwe sounds wierd
The-Bloxy-boy 5 päeva tagasi
9:30 my fav part of the video
Scar Predator
Scar Predator 5 päeva tagasi
Blaza and Tbh could have killed themselves with an End Crystal.
BRAD_B0Y 2 päeva tagasi
They dont work
ItzMightyPlayz 5 päeva tagasi
Jerome 5 päeva tagasi
Milbert Gazo
Milbert Gazo 5 päeva tagasi
socks for 1 I love your Dragon 😄😄😄 in dragon city
shaun mcdonald
shaun mcdonald 5 päeva tagasi
Lol socks is so bad he cheats by not telling other how to win lol
ThePokemonstar11 5 päeva tagasi
What if he did the same thing with magma blocks but under water
Space 5 päeva tagasi
Jump into void in end
ThatGalaticCommando_YT2 5 päeva tagasi
Mr krabs a black hair with crab hands that’s mr krabs
The quiet kid in every class
The quiet kid in every class 5 päeva tagasi
Idea on how to die: go to the end and jump off
Dark Charizard
Dark Charizard 5 päeva tagasi
Blaza and tbh should have tried jumping into the void in the end
dylan sisnawan
dylan sisnawan 5 päeva tagasi
they can easily put a block above themselves in order to drown, or maybe not
barack yip
barack yip 6 päeva tagasi
you can just type /kill to win
Bryce 6 päeva tagasi
Ngl blaza's minecraft face looks like rageelixir's old skin
Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez 6 päeva tagasi
What about the void
Fire lord Mendez
Fire lord Mendez 6 päeva tagasi
Bro i know how to die there without mods
Raihana harum Arroyan
Raihana harum Arroyan 6 päeva tagasi
Btw in minecraft pocket mod you can light a creeper
Jyoti Khanna
Jyoti Khanna 6 päeva tagasi
Jump in end void
tbh and blaza are idiots
Fandom Forever
Fandom Forever 6 päeva tagasi
Blaze and meme needs to be in there
Omar Rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez 6 päeva tagasi
At 7:40 tbh took damag
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