minecraft manhunt but BEDS ARE OVERPOWERED (custom)

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today we play minecraft manhunt but the beds are overpowered and custom


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Wayz295 Tund tagasi
Crewstor 4 tundi tagasi
Nadwe is sus as usual
Naseema Begum Syed
Naseema Begum Syed 7 tundi tagasi
Minecraft bedhunt
FATbulldog 16 tundi tagasi
I was waiting for blaza sleep in the black bed right next to the golden block so the gold block turned to bedrock
Pink Cat
Pink Cat Päev tagasi
Teh all mighty beds
Ryan Aguirre loza
Ryan Aguirre loza 4 päeva tagasi
6:08 when socks turned his camera so did Nader and they mad a cool transition
XSzombieFX 5 päeva tagasi
socks: wassup gamers me: how you know im a gamer?
Jimmy Co
Jimmy Co 6 päeva tagasi
5:18 Socks: there are so many skeletons also socks: lets turn them to charged creepers 9:10 Me: B.E.D.W.A.R.S fun fact / POV: ur watching this in ur bed
ENDERGAMEING 7 päeva tagasi
4:00 Nadwe got Woolfster on his side
WeegamrC15 Kaeden Wee
WeegamrC15 Kaeden Wee 10 päeva tagasi
this vid isn’t about beds. it’s about spontaneous combustion of flames
herobrine x 2.0
herobrine x 2.0 11 päeva tagasi
Breaking bed
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 12 päeva tagasi
Where is ben 10
SuperDZ555 14 päeva tagasi
⬜️White: 20 Seconds of Spectator Mode 🔘Light Grey: Unknown ♾Grey: Invisibility with smoke particle, until you sleep on a bed again ⬛️Black: Turns Nearby Blocks into Bedrock 🟫Brown: Unknown 🟥Red: Burns everything nearby 🟧Orange: Gives Random Food 🟨Yellow: Gives Absorption 📗Lime: Unknown 🟩Green: Unknown 🇺🇳Cyan: Unknown 💠Light Blue: Gives Diamonds, taking half a heart of damage each time 🟦Blue: Spawns Lightning 🚺Purple: Teleport up to 15 blocks away when you jump 🟪Magenta: Drops mobs 8 blocks in the air every 2 seconds 💕Pink: Unknown
SandwichGaming 15 päeva tagasi
nadwe kinda *cough cough* SUUUUUSSSSS
dark knight
dark knight 15 päeva tagasi
Me who dont sleep
Thelma Lloreni
Thelma Lloreni 16 päeva tagasi
Socks is suck
anshul prasad
anshul prasad 16 päeva tagasi
blaza's line "its all over now" reminds me of the old videos
TREA Moya 19 päeva tagasi
You know you can just make a bed then die it
Proter Shorts
Proter Shorts 23 päeva tagasi
Socks: There are also bad beds. Me: *thinks of a black bed Also Me: $h!t I'm racist!!!!
Marcus Blasurca
Marcus Blasurca 26 päeva tagasi
Do this with candles
Rain Cullado
Rain Cullado 26 päeva tagasi
Different title: sheep are op
Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Dragon 27 päeva tagasi
Day ? Of asking socks to play slime rancher (pls like i'm despret and jeck out slime rancher)
ChappJack 29 päeva tagasi
Nadwe vibing in the beginning lol
fox playzYT
fox playzYT 29 päeva tagasi
Doki Doki game? I KNOW THAT
FATMEMEGAMER Місяць tagasi
Get all the bed
FATMEMEGAMER Місяць tagasi
Nadwe for 1 is a monika lover all he will die by a 2000000 creeper
DeificArrow2544 Місяць tagasi
1:30 well that was unexpected
SleepingCactus Місяць tagasi
FULL CACTUS ARMOR 😭 I feel bad for my cactus friends
Declan Idk
Declan Idk Місяць tagasi
Red sus
Jiyaad Hanslo
Jiyaad Hanslo Місяць tagasi
Hey socks! You should try beating the ender dragon
Hudson Gamez
Hudson Gamez Місяць tagasi
i feel bad for blaza
AJgaming Місяць tagasi
Nadwe: is there anime beds ; )
Naomi Basuel
Naomi Basuel Місяць tagasi
Jarom Temple
Jarom Temple Місяць tagasi
socks: I’m going to end the random crafting series because I feel like I’m stealing content... also socks:
Rakan Mohammed
Rakan Mohammed Місяць tagasi
Nadwe is small brain
The Cortez Brothers
The Cortez Brothers Місяць tagasi
Imagine the makers of doki doki heard nadwe’s call
Sheyn VA
Sheyn VA Місяць tagasi
Joseph Locricchio
Joseph Locricchio Місяць tagasi
The hilarious makeup lastly offer because windscreen definitely moor versus a panoramic hip. ignorant, recondite jelly
Hector Sanchez
Hector Sanchez Місяць tagasi
At this point this is getting out of hand but I love it
MrManBoi Місяць tagasi
2 pink sheep 2:40
Tmm life
Tmm life Місяць tagasi
Brooooo. This is just like tapl video
Grace barry
Grace barry Місяць tagasi
I love your show I I just really broke my toth. By the way you shod do bed Wars
veedub801 review
veedub801 review Місяць tagasi
What if socks say he space man why he not space in minecraft
Angie Ping
Angie Ping Місяць tagasi
I think you should do speed speed run that if you right click you can summon TNT
Nima Yousefi
Nima Yousefi Місяць tagasi
You are so noob
NinjaValtreak11 Місяць tagasi
Socksfor1 is a spaceman!?!?! Team Socksfor1 is blasting off again!!!
Heidy Franco
Heidy Franco Місяць tagasi
The new monika game has lore and theres a storyline about the game
Emily Місяць tagasi
-Socks “Sharing is not caring” - Me Ya know what I agree with that
Zeus Chik
Zeus Chik Місяць tagasi
Yes you did summon me, you summoned me to your video
samu1000 samu1000
samu1000 samu1000 Місяць tagasi
i wanna sleep forever
Warren Prince
Warren Prince Місяць tagasi
i loved how he has 8 diamonds left and dint make a diamond pic
Tosan Haku
Tosan Haku Місяць tagasi
Socks with full diamond :^ use super slow stone pickaxe
Click The Video
Click The Video Місяць tagasi
Mohammad Basel Faour
Mohammad Basel Faour Місяць tagasi
Basically chores
Ir̸o̶on̵e̷s̶ ̷Ani̸m̶s̴
Ir̸o̶on̵e̷s̶ ̷Ani̸m̶s̴ Місяць tagasi
:| tapl have a vid like that
Da_ Lama
Da_ Lama Місяць tagasi
WhEN ThE IMPoStEr is s[_]S When the imposter is sus Same lr doffrehr
mr creeper
mr creeper Місяць tagasi
Suggestion instead of breaking gold blocks u go to the end or the nether u choose
Da_ Lama
Da_ Lama Місяць tagasi
MINEcraft MOINE hunt
darknight Місяць tagasi
Socks bring back modded Herdcore
Anil Sookram
Anil Sookram Місяць tagasi
This was a good vid
lol monke
lol monke Місяць tagasi
what is this 8:52
raj maraj
raj maraj Місяць tagasi
Nadwe is a simp
duckydoy15 Місяць tagasi
just to be clear he stole this idea from ruguyrocky
Link of HYAH
Link of HYAH Місяць tagasi
Minecraft manhunt but I used creative
Link of HYAH
Link of HYAH Місяць tagasi
CHILL McChill Місяць tagasi
Blaze u give socks all the content
Minecraft  Noob
Minecraft Noob Місяць tagasi
i like ya cut g
Nashaun wynn
Nashaun wynn Місяць tagasi
custom beds thats cool
•-• Місяць tagasi
Did you already make a minecraft manhunt where you only die twice but with any mod you may like.
Yo Mama
Yo Mama Місяць tagasi
Nadwe: has the black bed that turns blocks the bedrock Also Nadwe: doesn't use it to surround the golden block
Flame shot
Flame shot Місяць tagasi
I like how its WE and not I
Slay -R34
Slay -R34 Місяць tagasi
Minecraft manhunt but food gives you op effects and items
sleepybamboo Місяць tagasi
0:21 me:I know am going to love u (U_U)
Місяць tagasi
Socke God
Jim Nelson Angel
Jim Nelson Angel Місяць tagasi
Derick Місяць tagasi
I guess it was their dream to make beds op
Blaze Gilzow
Blaze Gilzow Місяць tagasi
Wait you have iron theair the definition of pro noobs like just really socks really? Its stone not iron
Alberto Carranza
Alberto Carranza Місяць tagasi
Who the hell Sharon and Karen
Robin McKean
Robin McKean Місяць tagasi
U know when ur mom says “u need to sleep sleep is good for u” This is why
Lindsey Rivera
Lindsey Rivera Місяць tagasi
Wait is socks for 1 married? What's with the ring
Extremegaming Місяць tagasi
Dude socks always wins the man hunts
Art Krumins
Art Krumins Місяць tagasi
Imagine taking "if we trap him and sleep next to him" out of context.
i like cheese 216
i like cheese 216 Місяць tagasi
bruh couldn't the hunters just turn the gold block into bedrock?
João Santos Pires
João Santos Pires Місяць tagasi
petition for socks to bring back among us
MC Fresh
MC Fresh Місяць tagasi
Socks “So many skeletons. Let’s turn them into chafed creepes” Socks tell me ur thinking pls
Wizzardro102 Місяць tagasi
What’s the data pack used for this?
blaine Mitchell
blaine Mitchell Місяць tagasi
Are u going to do 1200 days
Mitchell Criswell
Mitchell Criswell Місяць tagasi
How about Minecraft manhunt with dream?
Reyirth Thakur
Reyirth Thakur Місяць tagasi
Imagine Fully Diamond Hunters Running From No Armor Player
osolor 49
osolor 49 Місяць tagasi
I used to like this guy but I honestly don't know how I feel about him anymore.
Victor Vazquez
Victor Vazquez Місяць tagasi
DaMellowYT Місяць tagasi
he uploaded dis on mah birthday
Clipper react
Clipper react Місяць tagasi
Socks for one saying first words:M--M His mom: hes gonna say mom! Socks for 1: MEME IS MY RIVAL
VortekGames Місяць tagasi
Nadwe: Ooga booga Me: peepee dodo kaka
Ana~Alada Місяць tagasi
I think he stoped among us because they have no ideas lol
Demir Acar
Demir Acar Місяць tagasi
Is 69 on his ring
FOOL Місяць tagasi
Nadwe sounds like sapnap
Outragedkid Місяць tagasi
Socks Among us had a BIG update
sad obsidian boi
sad obsidian boi Місяць tagasi
This takes bedwars to a whole new level
RC_XD Місяць tagasi
Hey socks I have discord wanna join a call?
Radical Games
Radical Games Місяць tagasi
You should play more Friday night funking and try to beat high on hard mode go check your modded fnf video cause you should read my comment
Tariq Omer
Tariq Omer Місяць tagasi
Can you make mods of subnautica below zero plz
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